IE Assessment Review Rubrics and Feedback Forms

The Review Rubrics below help articulate the expectations regarding the quality of the IE Assessment Plans and Results. The Rubrics have multiple intended users and purposes. This resource can be utilized by the unit assessment coordinators and IE representatives as they write the IE Assessment reports and find themselves in need of concrete examples and descriptors that explain what high-quality narratives may look like. The Review Rubrics are also intended to be used by the department-level reviewers (e.g., academic department Chairs, administrative office Directors) as a tool allowing for consistent, detailed, clear and improvement-focused evaluation of the SLOs and POs Results and Plans. The Office of Institutional Performance and Assessment may also use the Rubrics to facilitate the review and revision process and associated communication with the university units.

Each Review Rubric covers all seven components of a typical IE Assessment report: Mission Statement, Plan Section (SLO/PO Name and Statement; Assessment Process/Methodology; Goal/Benchmark), and Results Section (Results Statement; Analysis of Results; Improvement Plan). Each component of the report has multiple criteria to be evaluated. The evaluation requires each criterion to be rated at one out of five different quality levels: Highly Developed (4), Developed (3), Emerging (2), Initial (1), and Unable to Review (0). Example narratives are provided to illustrate what each component’s content may look like at each quality level.

The Review Rubrics are supplemented by the corresponding Feedback Forms. These fillable forms help standardize and automate the process of providing feedback and commentary regarding the quality of the IE Assessment reports. The Feedback Forms allow for evaluation of the thirty-seven judged criteria using a series of predetermined dropdown options. This set-up requires minimal typing, which greatly reduces the time needed to provide feedback. The Forms are intended to be used by the department-level reviewers (e.g., academic Chairs, Associate Deans, administrative office Directors/Heads) as an optimized way to communicate improvement suggestions to assessment coordinators. The use of the Feedback Form is not mandatory but is strongly encouraged. Please contact us at with any questions about the Review Rubrics or Feedback Forms.