Committee for Assessment of Student Learning (CASL)


CASL is one of FSU’s standing committees. It is dedicated to helping provide our students with high quality education informed by continuous assessment and improvement of learning. The committee’s focus is on assessment of student learning and program outcomes and coordination of reporting activities. CASL was officially convened by Provost Jim Clark in January 2023; prior to that, the group functioned for several years as an advisory body.

Some responsibilities of the Committee include:

  • Forum: Create a forum for meaningful discussion of assessment-related issues,
  • Policy: Recommend assessment policy, including use and access to student learning outcomes information,
  • Coordination: Help run the assessment process within Colleges and follow up to ensure compliance with state and accreditation requirements,
  • Advocacy: Strengthen culture and practices of using evidence/data to enhance learning at level of university and college/department/program,
  • Educational Support: Determine training and educational opportunities for faculty and staff to support assessment planning and use of results,
  • Resources: Advise upon and seek internal and external resources for conducting assessment activities,
  • Feedback: Decide on best approach to reviewing and critiquing assessment plans and reports.



1. College of Applied Studies – Banyon Pelham, 

2. College of Arts and Sciences – Tim Logan, 

3. College of Business – Rick Morton, 

4. College of Communication and Information – Richard Morris, 

5. College of Criminology and Criminal Justice – Patricia Warren-Hightower, 

6. College of Education, Health, and Human Sciences – Amy Guerette (Committee Co-Chair), 

7. College of Engineering – Michelle Rambo-Roddenberry,

8. College of Entrepreneurship – Kirsten Harrison, 

9. College of Fine Arts – Michael Carrasco, 

10. College of Hospitality – Alishia Piotrowski, 

11. College of Law – Kelli Williams, 

12. College of Medicine – Nancy Hayes, 

13. College of Motion Picture Arts – Lisa Tripp, 

14. College of Music – Liz Avery, 

15. College of Nursing – Susan Baker, 

16. College of Social Sciences and Public Policy – Jeff Brown, 

17. College of Social Work – Lisa Schelbe,

18. Faculty Senate – Marty Swanbrow Becker (as Faculty Senate Representative),

19. Provost Office – Rick Burnette (as Provost Rep),

20. Institutional Performance and Assessment - Galiya Tabulda (Co-Chair).