Annual IE Assessment Reporting Templates

If you are unfamiliar with or hesitant to use the Institutional Effectiveness (IE) Portal housed in the Nuventive platform, you may utilize the IE Assessment reporting templates to document progress toward achieving your unit’s Program Outcomes and (if applicable) Student Learning Outcomes. Once you complete the report, please send it to your Division/College/Department IE Representative and/or to our office at to be entered into the IE Portal on your behalf. Using the reporting templates is also a great way to draft the IE Assessment report content that you will later enter in the IE Portal yourself. If you are the IE Rep for your Division/College/Department, you can request your assessment coordinators to fill out the templates as a way to expedite the IE Assessment reporting process for your unit.

In the templates provided below, you will find specific instructions and examples illustrating how to complete the annual IE Assessment reporting for your respective units/programs. You will need to fill out a separate template for each of your Outcomes. Please note that the reporting templates only contain essential components of the report; additional, non-essential, information will be requested in the IE Portal fields. Feel free to adjust the templates in any way to meet the needs of your unit.

Please contact us at with any questions about IE Assessment reporting. If you would like assistance completing the report, you may sign up for an individual consultation or a working meeting with a member of our office. View available time slots and reserve a meeting here. Below are some additional supporting resources.