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We emphasize the expectation that IE assessment is a shared responsibility between the faculty/staff, assessment coordinator(s), department head (chair/director), and (associate/assistant) dean/division VP. All members of the program/unit should understand, provide input for, agree with, and participate in assessment and improvement processes. As such, they should all be involved in an annual workflow that assures that defined Outcomes are appropriately designed, measured, analyzed and reported in a timely fashion.

Typically, each IE reporting unit has at least one assessment coordinator and at least one IE Representative. Assessment coordinators lead and manage the assessment process and implementation of improvements at the level of their program/unit. IE Representatives are responsible for documenting annual IE Assessment reports in the IE Portal. The same individual can be both the assessment coordinator and IE Representative for the unit, especially in small-size programs/offices.

All department heads (chairs/directors) review and approve the planned Outcomes, reporting results and improvement actions. The final review and approval are conducted by the college dean/division VP (or authorized designee). All submitted information regarding university IE assessment is evaluated and finalized by the Provost (or authorized designee).

Please contact us at ipa@fsu.edu with any updates, questions or comments about the university IE assessment organization structure.

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